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V7 Navigation Pane Whitespace

 I am trying out the new V7 Beta, and have noticed that the Navigation pane has a lot of extra spacing between the icons and text in the tree which has the effect making the tree a lot wider than V6.



Hi Richard,

can you please try enabling the "Compact User Interface" settings within the "Royal TS Options > Appearance" settings as shown here:

This should give you a similar look to Royal TS V6.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Best regards,


Hi Christoph,

I am using the Default Colors preset, that already has the Compact mode enabled, so the screen shot from V7 that I provided is using the compact mode.



Hi Richard,

this is Stefan, the lead dev for Royal TS for Windows. With V7 we switched the theme for the UI framework we are using to a more modern Windows 10/11 like theme provided by the 3rd party vendor. While it offers a couple of tweaks (like mentioned by Christoph), it does render the UI with a bit more whitespace. Unfortunately, we can't really change this behavior for this theme/skin. I thought it was possible but providing the "old" skin in addition to the new one is also not feasible/maintainable. The differences are too big. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


 Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the update and for checking.


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