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Autosave function

Hi all!

We have been avid users of RoyalsTS since a long time. The feature mostly missed and the one I have nagged a bit about before is a Autosave feature so you can choose if you want RoyalTS to do a save every X timeslice.

So may times someone has forgotten to save after having added and done changes just to have a PC crash, RoyalTS crash, och similar...

This is highly annoying and as it is, I might start looking at the competition, I really like RoyalTS, but this is highly annoying and I feel it should not be that a difficult function to implement...

Please look to add this, if RoyalTS did and optional autosave every 15 mins so whatever would be super!

Merry christmas and happy new years!


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Hi Dave,

auto save on a time basis is hard to implement because of all the cross threading and concurrency issues. We did implement a feature in V4 which may do the same job:

"Save Document after using the Properties dialog"

See also:

Let me know if this helps.


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Hi Stefan, I looked for this option but I can not seem to find it. Please can you provide with steps of how I turn it on?

Sorry if this is a basic question.

Kind Regards,

Darren Gipson

Hi Darren,

in the Navigation panel, right-click on the document you want to enable this feature and open the properties. There you will find the setting on the first page. Make sure you are using the latest version of Royal TS.

Let me know if this helps.


Ah, that would explain it. I was trying to enable it on the Application itself. Is this possible? I store all of my credentials at the Application level.

The application "document" is saved automatically when Royal TS is closed. If you want to have more control over that, I recommend to move the creds to a dedicated document.


Thanks for your quick responses Stefan. We use a team document so I can not stored the credentials in the document. 

My use case is this:

I created a new credential in the application document. I forgot to save and my machine got rebooted. So I lost the user/password combination.

I realise that it is my own downful and I should have saved.

Hi Darren,

unless you aren't using the free Shareware edition of Royal TS, you can create and load multiple documents at once. So you should be able to load your personal credential file next to your team document.


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