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Reverse Tunnel: Launch Browser after Connection task or connectiton from task from Royal?

 Just have a reverse shell configured to get to a web site hiding in another network and was wondering how (or if there is a way) to launch an embedded browser. I can always try to do something like firefox.exe -new-tab https://localhost:1234 but also have it in RoyalTS? Actually, I could do that but you haven't got those parms under Tunnel or anywhere else in the 10 million SSH properties (ok, there are a lot, but I might have missed them).


Hi Andrew,

Royal TS allows you to start command tasks before or after a connection:

You can also start tasks independently. So, if you can create your reverse tunnel using some tooling through the command line, this would be the way to integrate it into Royal TS.

The PuTTY plugin also offers the configuration of more complex tunnel configurations (similar what PuTTY offers):

I hope this helps. If you have a different/specific use case, let me know how you work with your current tooling to see if this is something we can do with Royal TS.


Thanks... I can configure the tunnel just fine in Royal... that part works great. That said, I don't think you have variables I can use to open the browser via a command task (primarily source port so I could reuse it dynamically. I don't think that value is available)

Unfortunately not. Since the tunnel is created using an external application (PuTTY in this case), we don't really know which port was selected. The secure gateway feature (local port forwarding) is built in, so we have more control over it. We can even use the tunnel as a socks proxy in the Chrome based web page plugin. Not sure if this will cover your use case but it's quite easy to setup:

1. create a Secure Gateway object which points to your SSH server supporting tunneling

2. assign this secure gateway object to the web page connection:

3. make sure the proxy mode is set to "Use secure gateway":

Maybe this helps.


Right... what is there gets me 90% of the way..... so maybe a pic?. Just looking for a little extra dynamism.

But you do have access to this, I don't think I do:


And I can hard code it (just need to refresh the browser tab when done, since I DO wait for completion of connect, and it does, but then I get MFAd and have to go through the prompt sequence)



No, we don't really get that value. If you create those connections dynamically using a dynamic folder, you would know that port number because you would create those objects by code.

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