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New user some questions

Hello, any way to hide this bottom frame:


2.I mostly use UVNC to connect to employees windows computers, is these any shortcut key to display for me ad-hoc uvnc window when I then enter IP of the computer and connect automatically (saved password anywhere) ?


I have additional question, when connecting to web serwer, this connection is not showing on the dashboard when I have other connections but at the top on royalts application bar - how to change this?



you can hide the status bar in the View -> Options -> User Interface:

As for the ad hoc connection (uvnc), you can use the Ad Hoc section in the Home ribbon tab. With CTRL + SHIFT + A you will get to that. Keyboard shortcut can be changed as well:

If you have the ribbon hidden, you can put the ad hoc input and button element into the QAT:

The VNC password can either be stored in the Application -> Default Settings -> VNC, or you make use of templates, which can also be used in the ad hoc menu:

Regarding your question about the web page connection, I'm afraid I don't understand the issue. Can you provide more details?


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