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Issues with freeRDP

Hi there,

I'am using the Beta of RoyalTS V7. Sometimes when I try to connect on a server with freeRDP the complete application freezes and I have to force terminate it. The only thing you can see is a small bar in the left downer site of the window. For me it looks like a bug.



P.s. I configured the connection to use a SOCKS5 proxy.


I suggest you open a support ticket here:

Not sure how big the dump file is but maybe we can find a way to transfer the file somehow privately.



A small update from my investigation:

1. it's extremely hard for me to reproduce the issue. At one time, it took almost an hour of constantly reconnecting to get a "hang/freeze". I assume the more CPU cores a system has, the more "unlikely" the hang will happen.

2. From what I can tell, the issue seems to be that the FreeRDP window is created on a non-main thread and then, at a later point in time, the same window is shown on a completely different non-main thread. While this may work in most cases, it can be a potential source for the hang.

3. To prevent that and rule this out as a root cause, the window creation and showing of the window should happen on the same thread, ideally on the main thread. The current wfreerdp.exe does not have any facilities to process cross-threading messages. Maybe there are other ways to accomplish that. To implement something like that, one of the freerdp team may probably need to take a look at it. 

I'll keep you posted. Sorry for not having any better news at this time.


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One of the FreeRDP maintainers was very kind and helpful and pushed a change which should fix the cross threading issue. I've just created a new Royal TS V7 Beta Build which also includes the new wfreerdp.exe with the fix:

x64 MSI:

x64 ZIP:



Please note that this build hasn't been fully tested yet but I wanted to let you try this build as soon as possible to see if the wfreerdp.exe fix is effective. \

Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

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Can confirm - it works a lot better now. Will keep monitoring and let you know if there are any issues.

Hi Alexander,

thanks for testing. Btw, we released an official beta release yesterday:

You might want to upgrade to this one.

Also, just out of curiosity: did you have a single hang since the update?


Thanks for the update! Yes, when I first launched it I had a couple of hiccups, but they went away. I will keep testing and let you know.

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