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Any way to disable logs being mangled?

I'm pretty confused by the logging.

Is there no way to turn off the embedded timing that's used for playback? I can't just get the session file saved to disk?

Failing that, I can't do a mass export?

And failing that, it looks like I can't even search. If I select a single log file in Royal and search for a term I can see in the log, I get a message about "Please select a single log file".

What if I want to search all of my session histories with grep?

What if I want to open dozens of logs in notepad++?

What if I want to quickly send a log to someone else?

I have NEVER needed to know how fast I typed a command, but the above three scenarios happen pretty often.

It looks like a lot of time and effort went into completely missing the mark with session histories. The playback is cool, but should have been an addition on top of actually saving the logs to disk.

Am I offbase here? Is there a way to disable having my logs mangled?

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Hi John,

if you are using the rebex based terminal plugin, you have actually two options in Logging. By default, setting up logging, creates the .ans (ANSI) files which can be played back. These files also include all ANSI codes which I guess you mean by "mangled logs". If you check the last checkbox: Logging, you can specify a Logging Level. Doing so, creates a standard log file of your session, similar to what PuTTY does.

I hope this helps.


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