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Support for sbPAM


We are currently using sbPAM as out pam solution to connect/RDP to our datacenter and I am wondering you guys can try to find a way to properly support this solution.

The way sbPAM works is you connect to a proxy server that then sends you to the relevant server.

The way to define the relevant server is in the username meaning that it would look like this:

What I am hoping for is that I could make one "generic" credential item where the server name would be a variable that it could get from the connection item.

Hopefully from the display name since all the different connections go tot he same URL/proxy server

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I think the best way to handle this is by using Dynamic Folders. We already have a lot of dynamic folder scripts which work with various PAM solutions:

I'm not really familiar with sbPAM but if it has an API, you could probably adapt an existing script which works with sbPAM as well.

More information about dynamic folders and royalJSON can be found here:


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