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can't use chromium engine to retrieve html elements

 Trying to create a new web connection to a TP-Link router/access point.  Connects but I have to log in manually.

Based on this error message, is there something I can do to configure this correctly?

Hi Mike,

what error message do you get? Can you post a screenshot? Also, make sure you enter the actual login page. A lot of web pages redirect to a login page. To do this, open the page in your default browser and wait until you get to the login page, then copy the URL from that page into Royal TS.

Let me know if this helps.


The error message is "

can't use chromium engine to retrieve html elements

I later found the problem with this - my default browser is Firefox. When I changed it to Chrome I was able to create the autofill fields.  Forgot about this post, otherwise I would have closed it.

Thank you.

Sorry, I didn't thing the subject was the actual error message :)

I'm glad you resolved it. Thanks for letting me know.


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