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Execute Azure AD Sync update from royal ts through PowerShell?

HI :)

Is it possible through royal ts, to run an manuall Azure AD Connect Sync?

On a specific server Azure AD Connect is installed

On the server, is it possible to run a manuall sync by opening PowerShell, and run the command; start-adsyncsynccycle - policytype delta

Can this be done through Royal TS, so i just dobbelt tap on a PowerShell shortcut, and it runs the command on the server, and if possible (but not a requirement) shows me the status?

It could save me some time, sometimes:)

Thanks in advance

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Hi Kim,

this is actually something PowerShell should be able to do using PowerShell Remoting:

Once configured/setup, you can use Royal TS to trigger this command and execute it on the remote server.

Let me know if this helps.


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