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Website Plugin: Clipboard with Javascript

Hello all

I like Royal TS & TSX very much and use it daily!

One problem I have with Web Sites: I use Web Sites to provide support via PCVisit. PCVisit is a remote tool like Teamviewer that is based on HTML5 & Javascript. When I am on a client, i.e. on the web site in windowed mode, the clipboard works fine (and I don't mean open in the browser, just in a separate window in Royal). But in embedded mode the clipboard does not work. In Mac OS X this function does not work at all. How must the website plugin be adjusted so that the clipboard works with javascript?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Boris,

we are using IE or Chromium (depending on the plugin) on Windows and we don't have any means to mess with the clipboard there. For example, if you open (or other web sites) you will find clipboard working just fine - at least it does for me. Why PCVisit doesn't work or what you have to do to make it work in PCVisit using a Chromium engine, you may have to ask the vendor of the web site. All I can say is that we don't have any code which interferes with the clipboard on that level.

What I can suggest is to make sure you run the latest version of Royal TS to avoid any bugs or issues which may be in the Chromium engine we used. We are constantly updating the engine as soon as a new version is released.


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