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PowerShell Reload Open Document

How do I reload an open document in PowerShell?

Do I need to close it and re-open it with three piped commands like this, or is there a better way?


Out-RoyalDocument -Document $RoyalDocument -Confirm:$false | Close-RoyalDocument -Document $RoyalDocument -Confirm:$false | Open-RoyalDocument -FileName $RoyalDocument.Filename -Password $RoyalDocumentPassword -Store $RoyalStore

First post. :)  I'm a longtime ASG Remote Desktop user considering a switch to Royal TS/X for it's cross-platform client.

I'm learning the Royal TS PowerShell module -- oh so slowly, but I'll get there.


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Hi Timothy!

you can use the rtscli.exe in the installation folder to perform some of the actions in the client. To reload a document use the following command for the help screen:

.\rtscli.exe document reload -h

You can either specify the document name to reload by providing the name with the -n or --name argument or by providing the full file path with -f or --file.

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