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Remember window position


I think this might have worked already in the past, but:

Would it be possible for RoyalTS to remember the state/position of the main window from session to session?

Right now, I close RoyalTS while maximized on my right monitor, and the next time it will open non-maximized on my left monitor.

Further details:

Right monitor is display #2 and marked as the "main display" in Windows settings.

Left monitor is display #1 and is not the main display.

RoyalTS is pinned to the task bar on the right/#2/main display but opens on left/#1/other display.

The splash screen while loading is displayed on whichever screen I started the program from. That is, start via start menu on left display taskbar: splash screen on the left display, program on the left display. Start via start menu on right display taskbar: splash screen on the right display, program opens on the left display.

It basically opens the program window on my left display no matter what I do. ;-)

I had this working in the past and it broke recently, but the version released yesterday fixed it for me. Are you up to date? If not, give it a try and you may have your problem solved.

You are right, Fernando!

I had already updated today, but had not checked this behavior again.

Great :-)

Hi Christian, Hi Fernando,

glad this is working for you both again.

I'll be moving this topic to the Royal TS > Problems forum.

Have a good day!

best regards,


This is still an issue in version 6.1.50504. It always remembered which monitor to open on up until the latest 2 updates in the last couple of weeks one of which seemed to break this. The latest update fixed the issue of it not taking the mouse and keyboard focus until you clicked in the window which broke in the first update a couple of weeks ago but I think it caused the issue of not remembering which monitor to open on.

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