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Putty cursor thinks it's not in focus

Not a "problem" per se, but:

Recently, the input cursor in my Putty session tabs has turned into an empty block, instead of a filled block, which normally indicates that the Putty window is not currently in focus.

However, it clearly is, I'm typing in it. ;-)

It changes to a filled block if I click my mouse inside the tab and stays that way for as long as I hold the mouse button, but as soon as I release the mouse button, the cursor returns to the empty block.

Is this related to the external application integration rewrite that was in 6.1?

I'm using version 6.1.50420.

(12.9 KB)
(13.9 KB)


I just finished rewriting the whole embed code for external apps (including PuTTY). To control the embed behavior for PuTTY, change the plugin setting to Window (old method) or Client Area (new method):

Window: Classic re-parenting method. May have ALT+TAB order and focus restore issues.

Client Area: Deeper integration with correct ALT+TAB order but PuTTY may appear inactive or unfocused.

For external application connections, a similar setting is available:

Note this release is not fully tested but I wanted you to have early access to do some tests. So if you see any issues, please let me know by opening a new support ticket including a reference to this build:


I gave 6.01.50527 a try. Switching the embed method seems to work as intended without issues.
The copy & paste issue however persists, regardless of which method is used.
So... either this is a bug in PuTTY itself or I don't know. I've reproduced it all the way back to PuTTY 0.70. (And up to 0.77 which just came out, btw.)
It's possible I've only started noticing after switching from middle-click to paste to using right-click to paste a while ago, which I can do a bit faster, it seems.
Either way, unrelated to RoyalTS!

Hi Christian,

maybe the issue you have is related to PuTTY. You could try to run PuTTY directly to verify. I also checked our ticketing system and couldn't find any tickets in this area.


Yep, definitely, I'm able to reproduce it with just PuTTY itself.

Thanks for the confirmation!

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