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HOLD not working for key sequences; MacOS, latest beta TSX

Key sequence for a Grandstream device login where fields fail to detect and default cursor lands in password box.   So I set a key sequence as follows:


Even tried adding "WAIT" after holding the shift originally, and also holding it twice.   Always behaves as if I've just pressed tab by itself.   Problem is that TAB to get to the username box ends up tabbing through all of the various TSX fields, connections, etc.


Hi Joshua,

I was actually able to find a public Grandstream Device Configuration page via Google, and configured the Web Page object via the Auto Fill option, within the Web Page Connection settings:


When I then double-click on the web page object within Royal TSX, the fields are filled out correctly

I hope this helps!

If you need further assistance, feel free to create a ticket here:

best regards,


Hi Joshua,

I've moved your question to the Royal TSX (for macOS) forum.


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