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Constant disconnections in Remote Desktop since update

I accepted today's update notification which has taken me to Royal TSX (mac) 3.1.2. And it triggered an update for the Remote Desktop plugin, which I also accepted.

But now I am constantly disconnected from all RD sessions after about 10 to 20 seconds.

I tried to revert to the previous release of the program - no joy. Which leads me to believe the problem was in the RD plugin update.

Can anyone offer any clues or a possible solution?


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Hi Geoff,

it's unlikely that this behavior was triggered by the last update as there have been only high level changes in the FreeRDP plugin which shouldn't influence general functionality.

If you downgrade to a previous Royal TSX release you also need to re-install all your plugins. Otherwise compatibility can't be guaranteed.

In any case, could you please open the "Advanced - Connection" settings of your RDP connection, set up a "Keep-alive" interval that's below your timeout range (lets say 5 seconds) and check if that solves your problem?



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