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Build-in TighVNC: Copy/Paste and option-key from Windows to Mac


I am struggling on two issues using the build-in TighVNC Viewer on Royal TS on my Windows system.

1. I am trying to get copy/paste working, but there seems to be no shared clipboard between my Windows (Windows 10) and the Macs (macOS 10.14 and 11.6) I am connected with. I tested to following things:
- Strg+C on Windows, cmd+V an Mac
- right klick on the text on Windows, then copy. Right click on Mac, then paste.
Nothing will work. Every client has it's own clipboard not related to each other.
2. How do I get the option key on the Mac? The option key on mac is the windows key on a windows keyboard. So if I press the Windows key, the Windows menu pops up, it will not forwarded to the mac as an option key. For example I can only get the @ sign from the on-screen keyboard on the mac.
I would copy/paste the @ sign from Windows, but this comes to problem number 1 ;-)

Thank you for the help!
Best regards,

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Hi Robert,

thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this seems to be more mac related than VNC - or better related to the VNC server on macOS.

I've tried TightVNC viewer executable and UltraVNC viewer executable as well and they all seem to behave the same way.

The Windows key handling (when configured on the Input page) behaves the same on all three tested VNC clients. WIN-SPACE to invoke search like CMD-SPACE doesn't work but WIN-N in Text Edit (like CMD-N) to create a new document does work.

Clipboard transfer from Windows to macOS seems to work but the other way around not. I just guess that the VNC server on macOS doesn't play by the standard VNC rules when it comes to clipboard sharing.

I'm afraid there's not much we can do on the client side. You may have better results when using a different VNC server on macOS. I can't really recommend anything here because I haven't tried any other VNC server myself yet.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(


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