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Add support for RealVNC VNC Viewer.

tightvnc doesnt seem to work with MAC osx.

Hi Nicholas,

we tried to integrate RealVNC several times but it doesn't "play nice" and cannot be embedded like other clients.

You can make TightVNC work with macOS when enabling Screen Sharing with VNC clients permitted:

Once macOS is configured you have to specify the password without the user name.

Let me know if this helps.


I have that setting configured. Tight VNC doesn’t work. Keep getting an error about DES encryption.

That's strange. I'm not able to reproduce the error on my test systems. 

What version of Royal TS are you running?

Can you switch to the other TightVNC plugin which is using the locally installed client?



I have the same error, when trying to connect to a Mac using the integrated TightVNC plugin:

Specified key is a known weak key for 'DES' and cannot be used.

I talked to the support a couple of weeks ago and only using the external TightVNC Plugin solved my problem.

I am on Royal TS 6.1.10324 - Beta (the official release did not work either)

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I tried with the non-integrated tightvnc and seems to work.

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Thanks for confirming, Nicholas!

Would you be able to switch back to the integrated plugin, enable Debug or Verbose logging in the Options, freshly start Royal TS, initiate the VNC connection (which fails) and send us the log (via support ticket)?

This way we can forward the communication log to Glavsoft (company writing TightVNC) to investigate.


yup, opening support ticket now.

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Thanks! I forwarded your logs to the vendor.

Hello Stefan,

any updates on the DES-error?



We did get some more information from the vendor but there's still no fix for it on the horizon. In previous .NET versions, the vendor put in an override for the DES weakness check which is built into .NET. Since we switched to .NET 5/6 (previously known as .NET Core) the code in the framework changed and cannot be overwritten as easy as before.

It does seem to be related to the configured password though. If you change the password to a stronger one, it should work. Can you try that and let us know if that's the case?

I tried to change to a stronger password, but on Mac it is limited to 8 caracters, so unfortunatly no success with that.

That's weird because the passwords (with 8 chars) we use, work fine in our tests. Can you try a couple 8 char passwords with letters, numbers, symbols and try if that helps. If it doesn't, can you share one of the combinations you tried so that we can verify this on our end? Please don't share any of your "real" passwords ;)

It just dawned on me that I haven't seen any screenshot/configuration from your VNC credential in Royal TS. Did you actually specify the password in the connection's credential page (in the password field while leaving the user name field blank)?

These are the generated Test-Passwords which for example won't work:




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