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RoyalTS server + RDM

I have a Devolutions RDM paid subscription and have been for the past few years. Over the past few months, I have considered moving away from RDM to RoyalTS.

I have a couple of quick questions I was hoping you could help answer.

  1. Pre-COVID, we were constantly onsite with customers. I see use returning to that now that COVID is going away. One of the issues with RDM was that our Vaults weren't accessible when technicians were outside of our network.

    For security reasons, I'm not too fond of offline access and sync. And, I would like technicians always to need to connect to our server to get the list of computers they're permitted to see.

    How can I make the "documents" in the RoyalTS Server available to technicians outside our network? Would it be over HTTPS?

  2. One of the great features in RDM was the audit log showing which computers a technician connected to and how long they were connected to the resource. Is something like that available in RoyalTS?

I appreciate any help you can provide with answering the above questions.
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Hi Timothy!

Thanks for your interest in our products.

1) The document store in Royal Server can be accessed securely through HTTPS. In addition, you can configure MFA for document access. Offline access or sync is currently not supported, so the user always needs online access to the server in order to open and update the document(s). See also:

2) Royal TS can do client side logging to log files or the event log. You will also see "activity" log entries (for example when a connection is established or disconnected). See:

There's no central logging capability out of the box. Some of our customers use Event Log logging and use 3rd party log consolidators/collectors to push them to a central server for further analysis or do reporting on it.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, let me know.


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