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AtlasVPN within the latest update of RoyalTS

 Why is there the AtlasVPN signature within the RoyalTS Binary ?

I've seen nothing in the release note....

Can I still trust this product ?

I do not want to connect to my ssh server and link my keepass to a product having PUA built-in...


I would like an explication please.

2 people have this problem

I have the same problem, and my ESET deleted the RoyalTS.exe automatically. Why there is AtlasVPN in RoyalTS?



just to clarify: there is no AtlasVPN in the Royal TS package. The virus is called Win32/AtlasVPN.A and is detected by the scanner engine. Please be advised that this is a false positive - which regularly happens unfortunately. You can check the Virus Total scan page from 2 days ago which scanned our MSI file for viruses here:

Unfortunately we can't really do anything about that because the MSI file is generated during the build and sometimes is causing patterns which trigger AV software. When a security tool wrongly detects some pattern, it's out of our control.

I also want to mention that all our systems and artifacts we produce are regularly scanned for viruses (see link above).



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