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UltraVNC scaling not working when set to Auto

I have set my connections to use Auto scaling, and even found the Override setting for UVNC to set to Auto scaling, but nothing seems to work. Anything else I can try? Thanks!

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Hi there,

we had a similar ticket a while back, and it seems that scaling behavior was changed by UltraVNC in a recent update.

To fix this, I'm afraid you would either have to 

1. Downgrade to an older version of UltraVNC

2. Run the app in an external Windows and use argument '-fullscreen' as seen here:

3. use the integrated TightVNC plugin, which comes with Royal TS

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid there's nothing much we can do, since UltraVNC is an external program.

I still hope the suggestions help you to resolve the issue.

Best regards,


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