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Is there a way to open the RDP machine Tab and start the reconnect countdown without connecting

Here's my situation. I've just started Royal and I currently have no connections. All my Azure VM's are currently off. They will not be turned on until some external automation process kicks in. When that process kicks in, I want the connections to automatically be re-established in Royal. Unfortunately, this only seems to work if in Royal they were first connected and then disconnected (and RDP auto-reconnect is enabled and show remotely disconnected tabs open is enabled) such that there is a reconnect check every 30 seconds.

Is there a way to bring up that disconnected tab with the countdown without have to first turn on all the Azure VM's, connect to them, and then shut them all down?

Also, as a second minor question, can we change the 30 second reconnect time to another time somewhere? I'd like to change it to, say 5 minutes.



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Hi Arachnid,

this is not possible, sorry. I just replied to your other question. Maybe the cli is also helpful in this situation.


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