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Is it possible to tell Royal to connect to a machine in the nav tree from outside the program?


I do Windows GUI based automated testing, and part of my 'Automated Test Process' (ATP) is to restart all the test clients that will be running the tests. For years what I've been doing has worked as is. We recently moved all our VMs from an on prem VMWare solution to Azure. Unfortunately this broke 1 small item in my 'ATP' and I'm hoping the fix can be something Royal can do for me.

I really don't want to explain too much about the 'ATP' and the issue, because it will really bog down this question, so I'm just going to skip to the meat of it. I need a way to tell Royal to establish an RDP connection with a machine from outside of Royal that is in my current Navigation pane, such as from a batch file or a powershell script. Royal would already be running in this case. Is it possible?

I found a 'sort of' solution, but it doesn't cover all cases. I did find that if I enable Royal to leave the connection Tab open and enabled the RDP setting's auto reconnect options, it would reconnect automatically. But this only works when the connection was already connected and then disconnected and the tab is present. There are cases where Royal will be running but all the machines will be disconnected and their tabs closed because I didn't want it trying to reconnect every 30 seconds. This is why I would like to pass in what I want to connect to.



Glad to hear that. Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.



I've quickly played with this, and it seems to give me the results I want. 

However, I also had a couple of issues. I will post my findings in the appropriate forum location. 

Thanks for the reply, 


Hi Aracknid,

did you check the cli topic in our docs?

It shows how you can establish connection through the command line.

Let me know if this helps.


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