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Security/Encryption doesn't prompt for password

I don't get prompted for a password anymore when I open Royal TS even though encryption is clearly enabled in the options.

This started happening with v5 and it's still happening after upgrading to v6.

Hi Randy,

could you please try resetting your current application settings and see if the problem still persists:
1) Stop your running Royal TS instances.
2) Navigate to "%appdata%\code4ward” (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\code4ward\).
3) In this folder, you should see a configuration file named "code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config". Please rename this file to any other temporary name, so the changes can be undone if necessary.
4) Try launching Royal TS again.
5) Check if the issue still exists.

Please note: After doing this, Royal TS will lose its configuration. You will have to reopen your documents and redo any changes made to the configuration. Please let me know if that helps. If it doesn't, could you please send me a short screen recording of this behavior by creating a ticket here:

Thanks & best regards,


Noticed the same issue this morning, and the fix above had nothing to do with it for me.  Personally I find "reset to factory defaults" to be a bit too much of a shotgun approach for a first fix anyway...

For myself the actual issue was that RoyalTS had stored the encrypted files password in Windows Credential Manager, therefore the fix was simply:

1. Right click the file name at the top of the Navigation section and open properties

2. Click on Security

3. If it is the same cause you will have a button here to delete the password from Windows Credential Manager (you could of course just delete directly from WCM)

And no, I had never used the tick box on the password screen to store the credentials in WCM, it just seemed to happen after an update.



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Hi Stephen,

thanks a lot for the input.

Randy, in case you didn't reset your app settings, can you try out Stephen's solution and let us know if this helped?

Thanks & best regards,


Awesome. That fixed the issue. Thank you.

Hi Randy,

that's great, thanks for the info!

Have a nice day!

best regards,


@Stephen M: I just checked all the code paths to the part where Royal TS stores the password in the Windows Credential Manager and I couldn't find a situation where it would store the password without that checkbox checked. If you can somehow replicate the behavior and tell me how to reproduce it on my side, I can further investigate.


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