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Is Royal TS enough

I want to deploy the Royal software for these functions:

1.Create a platform with one click RDP to all servers setup within the Royal software.

2.Insure that only certain staff has access the Royal software.

3.Also create groups of the same type of server in the Royal Apps application.

Is Royal TS enough for these functions or should I also deploy the Royal server application and what advantages do I get with the Royal server application?

Hi again,

as mentioned in the support ticket, I would suggest signing up for a 30-day trial here:

This way you can really test out the functionality of Royal TS/X and Royal Server, and find out if the software fits your needs.

I hope this helps!

Let me know if you need anything else.

best regards,


Hi I applied for a 30 day license but haven't gotten anything yet.

please help. 

Hi Dave,

I replied to your ticket and sent you your trial license.

Please double-check your spam folder, since it might have been moved to there.

best regards,


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