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AutoFill Web Credentials after timeout?

Is there a way to autofill the user/pw after the webpage times out? I started using RoyalTS (windows) to open mutliple ESXi WebUI pages and login as root to get them configured and online. The page will timeout after 15 min by default and go back to the login page. There doesnt seem to be a way to autofill just the credentials w/o having to "reconnect" which closes the tab and then re-opens the tab and then logs in. 

It all works fine. Just wondering if i'm missing something. It would be cleaner/nicer to have a way to just enter the credentials and not have to close/re-open the tab. I realize it's still just one click on "reconnect", but it would be "cleaner" in my opinion to just re-enter the creds and open the page backup. 

Refreshing the tab could kill some processes on the web page that would have to be restarted. 

Hi David,

in the Actions tab, you should see a button "Auto Fill" which would execute the web autofill again. Is this what you are looking for?


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Yes. That's exactly it. Sorry for the dumb post. I should've saw that. I knew it had to be somewhere. :) Thank you! 

You're welcome, David!

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