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Use of Environment Variables in Connection/Credential Fields

We would like to habe a way to use Windows environment variables (like %USERNAME% or $env:username in PowerShell) in RDP or SSH/Terminal Connection Fields like the Target or the Credential Username Field.

See example_usage_royalts.png attached as I would think of to use that env variable. We can't use a specific or existing Credential object in this case as we would have to create credential object for each connection.

ASG Remote Desktop as an example does it with the variable %LocalUsername% which takes the currently logged in username. 

For Proxy solutions or Privileged Access Management solutions with a Gateway this method is really useful to have shared connection for multiple users but with different usernames.

Great to hear that!




Just tested out RoyalTS Version 6.00.51005 with inserting environment variables $Env.  and it works perfect!

Really happy to have such a well developed product in place.

I will continue to replace more ASG Remote Desktop installations wherever I see them


the next minor release of Royal TS will have this feature on board. Here's a preview of the docs for that feature:


Or another example, to use the %USERNAME% in "Program" Configuration of RDP Connections.

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