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UNC path no longer supported?

I have a connection file located on a network drive, but after the latest update to version 6.0.50623 I can no longer browse any drive that is not locally on my machine. 

I hope this is not as intended because we have a whole team who uses the same file to do their jobs...

Hi Marcus,

I'm also using UNC paths to open my .rtsz files and see no issue. Royal TS is actually using the OS' file browser dialog to pick a file. Not sure if there's a policy or setting which prevents you from browsing UNC paths but we definitely don't do anything in Royal TS to change the ability to browse using UNC or any other location.

I'm curious how this shows on your system. Do you get an error message?


Hi Stefan

Okay, so I just installed the newest update today version 6.0.50707, and now I can open my UNC path files no problem. I didn't get a error message other than it telling me the file wasn't available. However it might just have been a bug, since the newest update fixed the issue. 

Thanks for letting me know. Glad it's working again.


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