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Secure Gateway for dynamic folders

We have a secure system for password management that is inside a closed network, will it ever be possible to use a nested secure gateway on dynamic folders so that the commands can be sent via the gateway connections to the device?


Hi Matthew,

we do have dependent (nested) gateway support, see:

I would suggest you try to configure a connection manually with dependent gateway and once this works, you can check how to do it in a dynamic folder. 

The property on the secure gateway object is called DependsOnSecureGatewayID which needs to have the GUID/ID of the secure gateway it depends on.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks but I dont want to create a object in a dynamic folder with a secure gateway I want the dynamic folder and its script to tunnel via a nested secure gateway.

The system that stores the password is deliberately not accessible to any public IP address range, we have tested that we can open it via a web page but we have a dynamic folder with dynamic credentials that runs a powershell script that connects to the password manager and grabs the credentials.

We are trying to setup a way in which we can tunnel that "script" via a secure gateway that does have access to the password manager software.

Ah, I see. I'm afraid there's nothing in Royal TS which can help you "tunnel" the dynamic folder script. I guess there are two options:

1. you execute the script via Royal Server. The script would then run on the royal server and "knows" how to connect to the target infrastructure to gather the information.

2. you handle that all in the script itself.


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