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Force popups to open as tabs; glue pop-ups back to GUI; or enable Type Clipboard in pop-ups


We have recently run into a mind-numbing problem that certain websites open important windows as pop-ups in RoyalTS (browser / Chrome) which means that the pop-up gets detached from the main RoyalTS GUI and we can not use the RoyalTS features such as "Type Clipboard", "Show Toolbar" and others on these windows.

This quickly becomes a showstopper with certain things such as VMware vSphere Console or Dell's iDRAC Enterprise console access because it essentially prevents us from typing in the passwords in the console window using the Type Clipboard function (the passwords can be 30+ characters and symbols and are deliberately hard to read and type). We can also not check the URL of the pop-up, start Key Sequence Tasks etc.

With several console windows open as pop-ups, things also get extremely messy and disorganised. This is of course not a new phenomenon which is why all modern browsers have a way prevent the opening of pop-ups without an address bar or force them to always open as new tabs in the first place.

At this point, we believe we're missing something major here. Surely there must be a way to enable all this?

Unfortunately, we have found no way to "glue" pop-ups back into the main tab bar of RoyalTS. Dragging a window over the RoyalTS tab bar doesn't seem to do anything, not even while holding down shift, alt or ctrl. The context menu of the pop-up's title bar also does not come with a function to make the window an "internal" one (i.e. with a tab) rather than an external pop-up.

This is causing us serious headaches at the moment, so I wanted to ask if there is
a) a way to force pop-ups to always open as tabs
b) a way to convert or glue popped up windows back to the RoyalTS UI as tabs
c) as a stop-gap measure, any way to use Type Clipboard and Show Toolbar functions etc. on pop-ups which are not tabs.

We would be extremely grateful for any help or solution on this.
Thank you.

Hi Jonnie,

we are aware of the current limitation but we are not sure how to resolve it.

Opening another (ad hoc) tab instead of a popup window is not that easy because we need to transfer the whole session state to the other tab (which is currently an isolated entity).

Having tabs (nested tabs) within tabs is kind of a usability/UX nightmare - although the "easiest" way to implement it.

Enabling key sequence tasks or type clipboard task could be implemented quite easily, I guess.

We have discussed several approaches but couldn't find anything which can be implemented quickly. We may go the nested tabs approach (as an option/alternative to external windows) but this will take a while until it's implemented. I will keep the type clipboard toolbar item for external windows on the radar, maybe we can implement this in one of the next builds.

If you have any suggestions/opinions, let me know. I'm very interested in different approaches.


I would also very much like to see this implemented, if possible. I use RoyalTS to access Dell iDRAC and Lenovo XCC pages. They open popups for remote console to the hardware. Opening in a new tab group as it would in a Chrome session would be ideal. Then the RoyalTS tab would have two browser tabs in it. 

When the link tries to open a popup window, it seems to just get lost. If i try to open it in the external browser, it defeats the purpose of having it all organized in RoyalTS. 


This is just to let you know, that I've been working on "tabbed" browsing within the web page connection tab. This will be available in Royal TS 6.1



Is this still the case? I am on Royal TSX 4 but would buy the upgrade if this is possible.

Hi Baespey, Website popups still open as separate windows in Royal TSX V5. But you can try V5 and see if other changes made in that version mitigate any issues you might have with the previous implementation. You can request a free trial license here and downgrade back to V4 at any time: Cheers, Felix
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