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ESET Virus detected from RoyalTSInstaller_6.00.50609.0.msi (false positive?)

Installing the new 6.0 version and Eset detected virus within? suspect its a false positive?

downloaded from

(114 KB)

This happened to me as well. The newest version of Royal TS is triggering an Atlas VPN warning. I upgraded to the latest version today, only to find my RoyalTS program files in the quarantine. I had to downgrade to get it working again. I cannot add any exclusions since I'm on an enterprise device.

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yup, please explain the below...



Same for me ESET shows the following alerts : 



Hi everyone,

we’ve received a number of tickets from various customers who have been notified that the latest version of Royal TS contains an unwanted file (Malware). This is a false-positive detection and, unfortunately, has to be addressed by ESET. 

You can find the Virustotal scan reports for all Royal TS V6 builds here:

In the meantime, you can downgrade to the previous version and report this to ESET. 

All previous versions of Royal TS, can be found here:

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused! 

best regards,

Christoph Mühlberger

To add to Christoph's response: you can find the current Virus Total report here:



We just received the following message by ESET:

'It is a false positive of our scanner and this issue will be fixed in the next update of detection engine.'

best regards,


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