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Calling RoyalTS from URL

Hi all,

Is it possible to call RoyalTS from a URL?

e.g. I have an RDP connection in my RoyalTS document, and I'd like to put a link to it on our services page.  ie a Help Desk person could simply click on the link, it will open an RDP session to that particular server as listed in the RoyalTS document.

I've tried the following:

Start->Run: rtsx://servernamed19-1

Start->Run: rtsx://rdp servernamed19-1

Start->Run: rtsx://rdp://

From command prompt: RoyalTS.exe /protocol:rdp /uri:servernamed19-1

And I get the following error:

Error parsing command line arguments: Invalid using parameter. Allowed usings are uri, name, id, adhoc.

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we just release V6 of Royal TS and we have changed/improved the URI and command line behavior:

Can you check if this helps in your situation?


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