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missing direct access for favorites


 in new v6 I am missing direct access for favorites. I need two clicks and one move with mouse for same result. I don't thing that other users needs so long search bar for text.


Thank you


Hi Filip,

I can see that this change may be an issue for some users but if you look at the filter menu, it was extended quite a bit and all commands/options don't really fit as toolbar buttons. This "cleaner" approach to bundle up all options into the filter button may be something users have to get used to. Putting one or two buttons up there makes it inconsistent and other users might complain why "their" button is not in the toolbar.

I will move this entry into the "problems" section of the forum and see if others have difficulties, feedback or suggestions on how to improve this.


hi Stefan, 

 how about to have manu like this:

 "Favorites" "In/Active connections" "Menu with all/rest options"


Thank you


hi Stefan, or make it customizable. Filip

I would rather avoid more icons or additional configuration options if possible to keep the layout as clean as possible. What about a keyboard shortcut which allows you to toggle those filter settings?

This is a feature I use constantly. I just went back to 5.x because I spent 30 minutes looking. I have so many connections I deal with and switch between favorites and back constantly during the day. I see how to get there now, but that's annoying to have extra clicks. Any way at all we can bring back the icon? PLEASE? I like some of the new features of 6, but not enough to give up the simplicity of that single click. 

Thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can do.

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