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CLI and adhoc

We are using cyberark and would like to have the ability to ADhoc, as some users support a wide verity of systems.

Using CLI in powershell,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Royal TS V5\RoyalTS.exe" /using:adhoc /uri:psmServer /property:Program="psm /u username /a server /c PSM-RDP"

is there a way to fill the program field in cli for adhoc?

Hi Bryce,

the parameter: /property:Program="psm /u username /a server /c PSM-RDP" should set the program field for the connection.

Can you try this using cmd.exe and inspect the ad hoc connection properties to see if the field has been set?


Even when running the command from CMD:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Royal TS V5\RoyalTS.exe" /using:adhoc /uri:psmserver /property:Program="psm /u user /a server /c PSM-RDP"

It only does a adhoc RDP connect without passing the property. The only Property shown in program to be set is Maximize "No"

May I kindly ask you to open a support ticket about this here 

Please include the version you are running and some screenshots (of command line you execute and the ad hoc connection properties).



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