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Terminal color scheme like ubuntu?


I have bought the standard licence and need to make my terminal windows look a bit nicer rather than black background and white text

I'm often in many terminal windows and it makes reading them slow

I've tried rebex and putty based connections, but they are both ugly
How can I easily make it look like ubuntu terminal ?

Hi Mark,

as you found out already, the defaults we are using are based on the PuTTY colors. Belief it or not, but there are people out there who prefer the PuTTY color scheme. I think the point is, that everyone has a different taste and that it's impossible for us to make everyone happy. That's why we provided a way to tweak the colors for each connection individually, or in the default settings, or by using the bulk-edit feature on multiple connections in case you don't like the default colors.

In V6 (which is currently available as a beta version here: we added better color palette support for terminal based connections:


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Yes, that should work.

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Hi Mark,

you can change the colors of your terminal connection in the Colors settings:



You can also set the default color scheme for new connection in the navigation panel under Application -> Default Settings -> Terminal

Let me know if this helps.


I'm using the defaults which seem to have colors specified, but its still all white text on black
Is there an ubuntu style setting I can follow?

you may wish to consider having this as a default option where colors are on by default as my defaults seem to be white text on black background

This is a feature I was waiting for long time. Many thanks!

Stefan Koell, is there an eta for GA for Royal TS 6.0?

No ETA as it depends on the beta quality. I hope within the next 1 - 2 months.

A bit off topic from threadstarter but, can one user use beta when other don't but they connect to same royalts server and document?

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