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MSP Auto Office 365 Login

Hi All,

Just a quick point, we are an MSP and manage hundreds of Office 365 accounts. We have MFA enabled, but have our Royal Server set as a Trusted IP to avoid the MFA prompt which saves time.

What I am trying to do, is make a web connection for each client, with their credentials to auto login. I have it working, it enters the username, we have to click next and then it fills the password and we click login.

What I am trying to do, is have it so we can be logged into multiple clients at the same time, we do this outside of RoyalTS using Incognito. Is there a way to make every window Incognito?



Hi Dave,

when you use Chromium based web page connections in Royal TS, you can enable a dedicated "Engine" in the Properties. Once you do this, the web page is basically isolated from the others.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks Stefan

Is this Web Page (based on Chrome/Essential Objects) ?

I have clicked on Settings and Overrides in the Plugin Settings but can't see the option?

Also once set, is there a way to centralise this so the team have the same by default please?

Sorry, my response wasn't detailed enough.

You can find this setting in the Web Page (based on Chrome/Essential Objects) properties. Just navigate to the Web Page connection in the navigation tree you want to change, right-click it and select Properties. In the Advanced section you can see an entry called "Engine". Enable (check) the checkbox "Use dedicated Engine" and click OK:

If you set this property on a connection which is part of a team shared document, your team will also get this setting the next time they open the doc.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Stefan, got it.

Is there a way to set at plugin level and everyone share those settings please?

Hi Dave,

you can change the default setting under Application -> Default Settings -> Web Page in the Navigation panel to configure each new Web Page connection to use these settings but I strongly suggest you don't do this. If every single web page you create will be configured using a dedicated engine, your memory consumption will be huge. You should only configure this setting where necessary.



All of our work PCs have 512GB RAM :)

Thanks Stefan. Am I able to stop links opening in new windows? Can they open as tabs please?

Hi Dave,

opening external window links in tabs is not possible at the moment. Implementing this is quite an effort where we end up creating our own browser. I kindly ask you to enter a feature request in the Ideas forum. Depending on the popularity/demand we may consider looking into that.


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