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WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

What is the proper way to run local WSL sessions in RoyalTS. I just bought a Windows/MacOS bundle and I'm very happy so far. But it seemed silly to use the native terminal for my local Ubuntu shell where I do all my local command-line work.  I found nothing in the different connections I could add, but.. maybe I found my answer:

I tried creating an external app, with "wsl" as the program.  That didn't work; likely not in the path of RoyalTS.  But I hit the "Window Picker" and selected a running Ubuntu terminal.  Works great!  

Is there a "proper way" I should be doing this?  So far, seems fine.



 works fine too, but it didn't inherit the colors I was using when I did  

cmd.exe /c wsl

But I was able to launch it in an external window, change colors, and relaunch had my background color.

Hi Paul,

I'm afraid at the moment you can only integrate WSL using the external app connection as you already did. We are looking for better ways to integrate local terminals but there are no easy options at the moment. From what I read, you have resolved your issues and successfully integrated WSL using external apps, right? If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


My issue is resolved. So far, I like it more than a separate WSL terminal, because the equivalent is now in a RoyalTS tab. The native terminal isn't as nice as the putty terminal, nor can I customize it in RoyalTS. But this is fairly good.  I also used this to embed ConsoleZ as well (my local terminal for cmd.exe).  Very nice. All my shells, for all OS, wrapped up in one nice place.

Glad to hear all is working well for you. I'm sure other users find this also interesting.

Have a great weekend!



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