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Shareable and exportable custom field or custom property


I have version 5 and a shared rtsz file with a bunch of connections. For each connection, I need to add a text field with a custom name such that:

  1. When I save the file, the entire team sees the custom name I assign
  2. I can export the custom name and its value to csv along with other stuff

Unless I'm missing something...

a) Custom fields don't satisfy the first condition. That is the field name is set in the app options and it is local, i.e. the team members see the value, but not the name of the field I had set.

b) Custom properties don't satisfy the second condition, or I can't figure out how to have them in the exported CSV.

Please advise.

Hi Andrew,

the custom field names are set in the application settings file: %appdata%\code4ward\code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config

You could use a logon script to enforce this for all users using a script. See:

The property you want to set is CustomFieldName1 (or CustomFieldNameX where X is the custom field name number).

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your response. Well, this could work if the team were just starting to use the app AND I had an ability to deploy the settings across the team. Getting logon scripts deployed for a relatively small team in a large enterprise - good luck with that. Also, everybody already has their preferences, I don't want to override them.

I'm surprised there's no solution to the original problem on the document level. Please consider it a feature the request, then.


Hi Andrew,

I'm sorry if my response was confusing. The logon script wouldn't "replace" the existing settings, you can write it in a way to just set that one property to a value and leave everything else as it was before.

I'm afraid this is currently the only way to do this. In the next major version (V6) we added a new capability to the Windows version which allows you to "enforce" certain settings through various sources (environment variable, config file, registry / GPO). We are currently working on our first beta release for V6, maybe this is a better approach for you.


Thanks for following up, Stefan. I thought the script might work the way you described it in the last post, but wasn't sure. Anyway, deployment is still a pain, but I'll think of it. Good to know that v6 will provide improvements. 


Please feel free to send more feedback once you've looked at the options in V6.

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