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Scrollback with PuTTY + screen

 Hi everyone, I have a small problem here: When I'm on a linuxbox with screen the scrollback doesn't work. I can go back to lines (the first two lines after login appear), but not the current content.

Of course if I switch between the screens the scrollback should be cleared, but in RoyalTS/PuTTY I'm not able to go back even if I stay on the screen.

RoyalTS Windows 5.3.61223


we are using the PuTTY executable and embed it in Royal TS. We actually can't support PuTTY directly. If you have issues with PuTTY, I suggest to follow this link:



Hi Stefan,

this is working when I'm using plain PuTTY, so it must be a RoyalTS problem ... maybe an configuration issue, but I have already tried different settings.

No big issue, but it would be nice if it would work  :-)



when you have it working with plain PuTTY, you can save the configuration in PuTTY and import it in Royal TS. This should take over all settings. We actually don't interact with PuTTY in any way except for setting all configuration, start the process and embed the main window.

sorry to ask again, but how do I import those settings??

When you create a new PuTTY based Terminal connection in Royal TS you can set the "Connection Type" to Existing PuTTY Session. Then you can select the session and hit the Import button:

Ok, thanks - that import worked. And I saw that the "scrollback problem" was a misconfiguration on my side, it's working now ...

Glad to hear that.



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