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Port Forward for Web Browser

 I'd like to establish a port forward, which will then be used by a 3rd party browser. As unfortunately RoyalTS does not support "standalone port forwarding", but only in combination with an external application (, I tried that feature.

Now the problem is, that all modern browsers have a mechanism in place, which, after starting of the application forks away a browser instance in then immediately terminates the started program. RoyalTS therefore then immediately closes the session again and the browser ends up in a URL, but RoyalTS does not provide the port forward on that port.

How to solve that one?

Right now I use a cmd script which starts the browser and does not terminate itself. Not a nice workaround, but it works for now. Any suggestions?


did you try to configure the process tracking parameters to track the correct process and window title on the Advanced page?




yes, I've also disabled the process tracking. Unfortunately without success.

Can you try to configure any modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) as external application with SSH forwarding and share a working configuration? I did not succeed.



One quick question though: is there a reason you can't just use the Chromium based web page plugin with Secure Gateway / Proxy configuration? Setting this up will essentially direct all browser traffic through the SSH tunnel.

I need the development bar (F12 in most browsers), which I could not find the integrated browser. Is there a way to display that?

That would be my preferred solution anyway, as the external browser permanently shows certificate warnings due to connection to localhost.

Right now, this is not possible but it will be possible in Royal TS V6. We hope to have a beta release soon.

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