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Installation on Terminal Server

Hi, is it possible/allowed to install Royal TS on a Terminal Server? Are there any exceptions regarding licensing or may I just license ever user who is accessing Royal TS? The Server is used by our admins who want to use Royal TS and some shared documents simultaneously, is that possible? Thanks.

Hi Christian,

since Royal TS is licensed per user, it doesn't really matter if it is installed on a PC or on a Terminal Server. We know that many of our customers are using Royal TS in a Terminal Server or Citrix environment but since each environment can differ, we strongly recommend to request a trial license or use the shareware version and thoroughly test your use cases. Should you have any issues, feel free to open a support ticket.



we have a Site licence, and we installed RoyalTS on every computer.

Now, we also want to install the app in Terminal Server mode, so we can run long SSH sessions with logging

We are using a shared document for all the connections, with individual credentials.

Is there a way to have global settings (i.e. in %ProgramData%\code4ward instead of "per user" %appdata%) ?

It would be easier to push some changes in the config rather than applying the new setting for each user.

If not, then I'll probably have to take a look at the PowerShell cmdLet, right ?






Hi Fred,

you can check out this chapter in our docs:

It allows you to set defaults for various settings through various sources (registry, config files, environment variables).

Let me know if this helps.


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