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Import my SSH key from Mac to Windows and install new Terminal

Hello everyone,

Since so many months,  I worked on Mac OS and Royal TSX, and I was using a private key stored inside my .ssh file on my mac. It works great.

The problem is I can't use my private key on Royal TS, even if I put my original key inside the .ssh folder on Windows (and it works great with Powershell).

Do you have any idea how to force Royal TS to use my own private key without  overwriting every Terminal Connections ? (I probably have 150 of them).

And other little question, how to setup a new terminal  plugin? I am not a huge fan of Putty since I use "iTerm" for example.

Thank you !

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Hi Robyn,

to the best of my knowledge, PuTTY or rebex doesn't support .ssh file like on unix or mac. Since we are dependent on those 3rd party components/software, there's little we can do.

Where Royal TS can help, however, is editing those 150 connections fast and efficiently. We have a feature called bulk-edit and in combination with some features in our folder dashboards, you can quickly change all your connections to use a specific key file.

Right now, we only have a PuTTY based plugin or the rebex based plugin. In the case of PuTTY, you can use forked apps like KiTTY or ExtraPuTTY:


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