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Royal TS breaks ALT+Tab on windows

If I have more than 1 SSH tab open, if I try to switch to the last app I was working on Windows by pressing ALT+Tab once, it takes me back to Royal TS.

This only happens if I switch between tabs before attempting to press Alt+Tab.

Hi Fabio,

are you using PuTTY as terminal plugin? If so, this is a known side effect because we are using a reparenting technique to embed the PuTTY window from an external process. Switching to rebex should resolve the issue.


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Thanks, that does fix it. But I was wondering if there's a chance to fix the handling of those PuTTY windows? I prefer it to rebex.

As I mentioned before, this is a side effect. Re-parenting a window is actually not really supported on Windows (see

As far as I know, there's nothing we can do :(

Thank you for the tip with Rebex, this behavior was driving me crazy ;)

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