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How to create a shortcut / link to a connection in other folders

Hi, first of all, I'd like to say that I absolutely LOVE RoyalTS, it's literally the best software for admins out there.

Now, maybe I'm being daft, but I can't find a function that allows me to create a simple shortcut to a connection (which might be in another folder or anywhere really).

Example of what I'm trying to achieve:

We have approx. 25 complex folder structures (one for each client) with each of their respective connections. To maybe 15 of these clients, however, I would like to add (among others) in the right subfolder (Inventory) a connection to our own RMM platform for those clients which we manage through this platform. So this would be the same connection (Web Page) in each folder. All other clients' subfolders have their own respective RMM there, so it just feels natural to find the RMM connection in this position without scrolling etc.

I did find out how I can duplicate connections (so I could create it once and duplicate it 14 times and move each duplicate into the correct folder).

However, that means that if something changes (we often have to change custom properties or add notes), this would have to be changed for ALL duplicated connections individually. This is obviously not feasible.

Surely there is a way to avoid this by just creating the connection in one folder and merely "linking" to it in the other folders (similar to a desktop shortcut in Windows, where I have one exe and can put shortcuts to it in a dozen folders no problem).

I have looked everywhere including the "Add" menu where I expected to find something like "Shortcut" or by right-clicking a connection ("Create shortcut...") right under "Duplicate" and "Move to..." but I couldn't find any option like this.

Could it really be the case that this feature is not implemented? Or am I just overlooking something?

I hope you can help me find the solution because if this can't be done, it's going to be a royal pain (sorry ;-)) for me to set it all up and manage it with duplicates...

Thank you very much!

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Hi Johnnie,

let me start off by saying thank you very much for the kind words! It's always great to hear from satisfied customers. Regarding your problem, I think the easiest solution in your case, would be to use our "bulk edit" feature. That way, you can edit numerous objects at the same time, which should solve your problem. You can find more information on this feature here:

Please let me know if that helps!

Kind regards,

Germar Tischler

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