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Mouse Pointer while in Terminal (PuTTy)

I am using black background and white foreground,  and was wondering if there was a setting to make the mouse pointer more easily seen while moving around within the terminal window? 


I'm not aware of any setting in PuTTY to change the mouse pointer like that. I'm not entirely sure about this but should you find a setting, let me know and I can see if we can implement it in the configuration UI.


Hi, I'm also searching how can do that.

By default cursor is black when passing in ssh window, and backgroung is black, I can change background to white..but for my eyes..


I came here looking for this answer as well. The only workaround I have found is to change the mouse pointer in the operating system for the "Text Select" pointer to one that is white. It obviously affects all applications but as long as you can live with that it works. I got so sick of losing my pointer in the terminal screen something had to be done.

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