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MacOS - Ad Hoc Open as File Transfer does not work

As this was not answered in "Questions"

I am trying to get an Ad Hoc connection to work. From an SSH Connection (via a Gateway) I am trying to get an File Transfer (sftp) to open. But it fails (works with Windows).

I am getting:


And in on the gateway server I'm seeing:

Aug 26 15:38:19 <10.6> jumpinghost sshd[3377]: Accepted publickey for myuser from port 63596 ssh2: RSA <hostkey>
Aug 26 15:38:19 <10.6> jumpinghost sshd[3377]: ASP0008I Session for user casped started
Aug 26 15:38:19 <10.3> jumpinghost sshd[22312]: error: connect_to port 63595: failed.

Is this a know issue, or am I doing something wrong?

I'm doing Action -> Connect with Options -> Connect using SFTP ...




Hi Casper, 

sorry for the late reply. I have tried to reproduce this behavior, and it works for me. It might have something to do with the port since SSH and SFTP usually use port 22. 

Hi Casper,

are you still able to reproduce this issue or has it been resolved already?



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