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High CPU load after running Royalts for 24 hours or more


Since running version 5 of RoyalTS for windows, I noticed that the de CPU load is really high after around 24 hours. 


I'm currently running version 5.3.60720. 

For my work I'm only running one RDP session within Royalts. 

Although I'm connected through a gateway server I would not expect the application to have such a high cpu load after running 24h. 

Does anyone else is seeing this problem?

Hi Marty,

I haven't seen this behavior myself. You mentioned a connection is open through a gateway server. Is that a Remote Desktop Gateway or a Secure Gateway? Do you see the CPU load also when no connection is open?


Hi Stefan,

This is through the Remote Desktop Gateway.

I've seen this load even when there is no connection open.

That's really strange. I know that there are some side effects when you run Microsoft RDP ActiveX components when vmware workstation or vmware player is installed on the same box. Is this the case here? Maybe some other tool which interferes with Royal TS? Can you try to repro the issue on a vanilla (VM) machine?

No. Royalty runs on my windows 10 installation on my surface. So when killed the rdp session and closed the dashboard tab royalts was still using between the 45-55% cpu. Only after restarting royalts the cpu load dropped. I’ve been using it less than 24h and cpu consumption is around 1-5%. Whereas the 5% is hit when window drags are taking place.

I will do some more tests and see if I can reproduce the behavior. Not sure what can eat up that much CPU when the app is idle. Would be interesting if other users see similar behavior or if you can reproduce it on a different machine as well.

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