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Dynamic Folder ExternalApplicationConnection settings

I've been looking at dynamic folders to create a list of 'External Application' type objects, but can't seem to find the property to define the command, arguments or working directory. I've tried 'CommandWindows' and just 'Command' properties,  but nothing comes through to the created folder. 

I can't find any mention of it in the RoyalJSON spec, but  possible that I overlooked it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


you can find all properties for the External Application Connection here:

The properties you need are:

  • Command
  • Arguments
  • WorkingDirectory

Also note that you need to define these properties in a dedicated "Properties" section as mentioned here:


"Advanced Scenarios"

Let me know if this helps.


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Ahhh that's the bit I missed- adding them to the Properties property. 

Working now, thanks!

Great to hear that!


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