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CSV Import missing fields

I noticed when importing RDP connections from a CSV that had username/passwords the passwords were not being imported when attempting to connect to the servers. have the fields assigned in the CSV and used the object reference page on this support forum to build that out. But during the import process on the page where you can map fields to values (royalTS fields <> csv columns) there are some that do not exist. I started a new document so there shouldnt be any lockdown issue blocking the credential fields, atleast I dont think there should be.

Additionally when setting the path [documentName/Folder>Folder>] I do not get the folder structure on import. I understand there is some limitation from importing CSVs but just checking to see if this is still a feature that is not yet implemented.

regarding solutions, I do plan to look into the powershell api and dynamic folder in the future. but just trying to see what I can do in the mean time.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi James,

the list only contains the most commonly used fields but you can simply write the correct field name instead of selecting the field from the dropdown. Depending on the object you are importing, you can find all available properties in our docs. Here's the link for the Remote Desktop Connection:

If you need more control (like folder structure or creating different object types in one go), I recommend to use our PowerShell API.


I dont know why I didnt try typing in those fields. Thanks for your help that worked.

As for the path creating the folder structure within the docment from importing via CSV is that not working at this time or am I just doing that wrong?

Thanks again

The CSV import is very basic and doesn't handle the path/folder structure. As mentioned before, for that you would need to look at the PowerShell API. Here's an exakple:

Let me know if this works.



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