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Bring window to front when clicking inside a session

I'm not sure what to look for in the options, but right now for example, if I have a terminal session open and I'm in another window and I click back to the terminal, Royal TS stays in the background. I'd have to click up top (like the tab of the session or higher in the app) in order to make the entire Royal TS app come to the front.

What is the setting to disable this behavior and allow Royal TS to come to the front when I click anywhere in it?


Hi Nathalie,

I guess you are using the PuTTY based terminal connection embedded in the main window. Since we start PuTTY as an external process and "reparent" the window, this is a known side effect which cannot be resolved completely.

If you are using the Rebex based terminal plugin, you shouldn't have any issues.


Thanks, yes in Rebex it's good, thanks!

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