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Smart Reconnect - White screen


When resizing the main windows, the smart reconnect would fail one every two resize.

Please see joined gif



what version of Royal TS are you using?


Hi Stefan,

The one I just downloaded ;)


Can you check if in the Remote Desktop Plugin Setting you have Legacy Client enabled? If so, can you disable it?

Hi Stefan,

It is not checked.

This is a fresh install (i might had it before, but was uninstall some time ago), so most settings should be at their default.

Thanks to you, I have found a settings I was looking for ( . domain for local account)

I will try again with fast smart reconnect enabled.

That would have been my next question ;)

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with fast smart reconnect, I first had to reconnect my existing sessions, and now it works fine!

Thanks Stefan!

Awesome! Glad to hear that!

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